Makers: this guide will change how you approach your markets!

Inside of this free guide, you will get:

  • Tips for creating and organizing your show application content 
  • Mindset shifts for markets: learn how to use your shows to get long-term sales opportunities
  • Market essentials checklist: what you need to pack 
  • Pro packing tips: how to make the most of your space for easier load-in / load-out

Welcome to Bloom

2022 is almost here:

is your handmade business ready for it?

If you’re like me, your handmade business looks SO much different today than it did a year ago...instead of having a schedule full of art fairs and craft shows, you are navigating your way through the 'virtual selling' space while trying to ease back in to the occasional market...

(maybe not-quite-so-confidently)


Who would have thought?!

The good thing is, you now have the PERFECT reason to finally get your craft business leveled up, complete with your very own website. 

  • You now get to run your business completely from home...YAY for not lugging around everything you make EVERY WEEKEND
  • You are building a brand, right? Bring those shoppers over to YOU, don’t send them to Etsy where they can easily get lost!
  • When shows do eventually come back, you want to have the ability to pick and choose only the best, most profitable events for you


That’s where I come in.



I created Bloom by bel monili in 2019 to help my fellow artists and crafters harness the power of the relationships they build at in-person art and craft fairs, then use those relationships to build a thriving online business. 


Wanna snag some FREE coaching and handmade business tips?


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Here’s your chance to ask (and answer!) any questions related to handmade business ownership. We’re over 6,000 artists strong, and would love to welcome you inside!


I can’t wait to see your business BLOOM, my friend!

This is a GREAT time to be a handmade seller

Whether you have been in business for 10 years or the thought of starting up a side hustle is just beginning to take shape in your dreams, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

New to running a business? Start here!

Being an artist is pretty awesome, but the business side of things can be...tough. The Bloom Business Basics Bootcamp is a complete guide for how to get your business set up the right way!

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Have a SERIOUSLY great Fall/Holiday sales season

Art fairs, craft shows, and barn sales are pretty much nixed for 2020...but that doesn't mean you can't have your BEST sales season yet! This 4 week challenge will get you prepped and ready for success.

See the challenge posts here

Who doesn't love a good freebie?!

This is a collection of some pretty awesome free resources that will boost up your handmade business to help you grow and serve your audience in a way that will keep them coming back for more!

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