Who’s the maker behind Bloom?

Hi! I’m Lucy. Chardonnay and vintage finds lover, founder of the handmade jewelry brand bel monili *and* your new guide to making your business WORK online.

11 years ago, I took a few crafting classes with the hopes that I'd keep my hands busy and snackless (oh, the wistful, rational thinking of a 20-something). 


It didn't work. I still snack (I never met a block of cheddar cheese and a pack of crackers I didn’t like!)... 


… But now I do it as the owner of a 6-figure handmade jewelry business — bel monili — that travels around the country (in non-pandemic times) and has been featured in national publications such as Country Living Magazine.

Just like you though, I started my business the way most makers do:


Small, single-table craft shows at local churches and schools with the occasional sale to family and friends on the side.


Fortunately for me, Pittsburgh, PA is an extremely artist-friendly city, and there were no shortage of opportunities for me to show and sell my work!


(this is from my first show ever, way back in 2010)

Over time, I realized that I could be getting my work into more hands, and quickly.


After years of trial and error, I ended up opening a successful online shop alongside jurying into higher quality shows, cultivating a social media following, and nurturing lasting relationships with my audience.


And when bel monili hit the 6 figure sales mark for the first time in 2017, I took the leap to move my primary online sales over to my own website and my business has skyrocketed ever since.

But I had an advantage: with a degree in marketing *and* speech pathology, I’ve always had a knack for recognizing how people want to be communicated with.


That’s why I’ve been able to create a successful handmade business; by knowing what my audience wants and identifying WHEN to give it to them — from an engaging website to delivering the content they really want in their emails and posting what’s relevant to them on social media. 

I can show you how to build a strong online presence and listen to your audience, too.

Today, I have a thriving brand with excited customers who wait expectantly with their cursor on the 'buy' button, waiting for me to launch my next one of a kind collection… 



… And I want to help you find that kind of success in YOUR handmade business.



The only thing standing between you, a beautiful website and a growing audience is INFORMATION and a proven STRATEGY. 


I'd love to help you make your business BLOOM!


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